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Continuous spinning of viscose filament yarn produ

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PostPosted: Thu 11:19, 30 Dec 2010    Post subject: Continuous spinning of viscose filament yarn produ

Continuous spinning of viscose filament yarn production flat

l, 801.401.841.70 Dry elongation (%) ≥ l2.0l0.0l0, 6ll0.7 Stem elongation CV value (%) ≤ 9.0l2.0l0.79l0, 5 linear density deviation (% ) ≤ -5.0 ~ O-6.5 0.5 a +1.5-3.7-2.0-2,2 eleven linear density CV value (%) ≤ 2.505.000.870, deviation of 25 single-wire root number (%) ≤ 2,04.000 staining homogeneity (gray card level) ≥ 3.5 ≤ 3 ≥ 3.5 ≥ 3.5 【8】 34 No. 3 VO1.34. No. On June 3 version of man-made fibers ArtificialFibre2004 June, 20042.5 spinning can be determined by spinning flat viscose filament, regardless of their sexual spinning spinning machine in the experimental workshop or workshops have reached the conventional machine Continuous spinning of viscose filament yarn spinning level. The barrel rate of over 100%, see Table 4. Tests showed that stable spinning, spinning is good, great to meet production requirements. Table 4 varieties of sites full of simple rate (%) 133.3dtex/20f bright light experimental workshop lOO83.3dtex/12f lOO133.3dtex/20f matt experimental workshop workshop workshop lOO83.3dtex/12f l0O3 light quality of silk products 3.1 The physical and chemical indicators index flat viscose filament yarn viscose filament compared with the conventional, indeed inevitable in the intensity differences exist: for the same cross-sectional area and different geometry of the same material or fiber, they are the same conditions,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the same stretch tension, the dry breaking strength was significantly different, and a circular cross-section of the dry strength the most. This is because the normal circular cross section wire formed in the acid bath reactions, due to the radial cross section is symmetrical, formed after the wire is generally uniform thickness of the skin core, the filament wire drawing process by the various points on the axis to the radial stress is the same, drawing the same contraction ratio, less structural defects, so filament uniform quality product. The production of flat wire cross-section is approximately rectangular spinneret holes, flat wire attraction between molecules dispersed evenly Shouli Bu, structural deficit, when glue small streams emitted into the acid bath spinneret holes although the generation of fiber forming Paper core thickness of the same, but the tension in the wire in each side of the stress distribution on the surface is different, which makes the physical and chemical properties flat wire slightly worse than ordinary round wire. So, for the same cross-sectional area and different geometry of the same material or fibers, circular section died: the greatest strength, the strength of flat cross-section is smaller than the round, and the more the strength of the smaller flat. Table 2,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],3 The physical and chemical properties can be seen, try spinning the main physical and mechanical properties of flat silk dyeing performance indicators and achieved the enterprise standard Q / BTE in the conventional continuous spinning of viscose filament yarn grade B standards, and close to in the A grade standard. 3.2 Appearance quality cheese appearance on the quality of statistics show that the silk, silk wool yarn less cheese,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and other low down, cheese, uniform color, no knot, forming fine. Apparent quality, first-class products is high, to achieve continuous spinning ordinary level grade A circular section wire. 4 Conclusion (1) with conventional glue technology and continuous spinning spinning spinning flat continuous filament differentiated,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], technically feasible, under the experimental conditions, the process of spinning process stability, spinnability was good at mass production. (2) reasonable and appropriate design of the spinneret spinnerets strain rate effect of fiber cross section is to obtain the key and difficult. The best design of the fiber cross-section 5 to 7:1 aspect ratio, stretch rate of spinneret B%. (3) flat yarn making process in the processing nozzle, because of its profiled cause processing difficulties, lack of precision production, to a certain extent, affected the physical and mechanical properties of silk products and the actual cross-sectional aspect ratio. Spinnerets used in large-scale production of these problems to be solved. (4) The Bureau of Hebei Province, Xian Jian detection, continuous filament spinning flat physical and mechanical properties of test products, and dyeing performance indicators to achieve the enterprise standard Q / BTE conventional continuous spinning of viscose filament yarn grade B level, and close to A grade level. Flat fiber cross section appear before the actual aspect ratio to 6:1, to achieve the design requirements. (5) continuous filament spinning flat test test weaving textile products good effect by the user, line silk yarn and fabric effects are more obvious, Extension of pine canopies, linen, wool-like effect of realism. The production of continuous flat yarn spinning develop downstream manufacturers of cotton, linen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], silk composite performance of the perfect material for high-tech products. (Continued from page 1Cool formation of the roll surface; also available on the roll surface of the hydrophobic coating of asphalt paint or Teflon coating 【9】 acidic due to the surface in contact with a large roll, the roll out of dirt surface adhesion to acidic water so easily be washed away.

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