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Reinforcing filler in the polymer matrix in the me

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PostPosted: Wed 0:29, 29 Dec 2010    Post subject: Reinforcing filler in the polymer matrix in the me

Reinforcing filler in the polymer matrix of the mechanism

, Due to the structure of silica. Can show that increasing the high strain modulus filler showed better interaction between a polymer, carbon black and carbon black that dialogue is valid. In the lower rran6, you can see the effect of lower filler network. A rubber system in the carbon black, filling the pore space of each gathering 34 * 2OO9 polymers and additives in the rubber during the first 4 is absorbed by deformation of the left and shielding. Therefore, it is like so much a part of the deformable rubber matrix, it would be better part of it more like filler. It is because of this phenomenon, the effective volume of filler drastic increase in natural high-strain modulus was significantly increased. Rubber suction to stay within the structure is a measure of indicators of rubber,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the rubber can not fully participate in this macro-deformation. Carbon black and silica with a silane and body can improve the mechanical performance and reduce the value of r 8 and lag unloading, thus improving the overall performance of the tread. In OESBR tread rubber compound, found N234 vulcanizate filled with excellent mechanical properties and high lag, which is attributed to its high degree of filler network. OESBR / BR blends of polymer and carbon black in the presence of self, given the lower share (due to Payne effect), good wear resistance and other mechanical properties. The raw material into the polymer by the OESBR SSBR, tear strength and curing properties of the resulting negative impact, which is attributed to the macro structure of this polymer. In terms of passenger car tires on, OESBR / BR blends of polymer and showing a weak effect and lower �� Penn accounted for, indicating that the low rolling resistance. In a silane with silica-based rubber compound SSBR, in order to get a stronger rubber filler interaction, then the mixing method made some slight changes. The resulting vulcanizates exhibit low hysteresis, but have a negative impact on the wear resistance. In short, N234 in the NR-based tread compound to provide good overall performance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], excellent wear resistance and anti-cutting / House of recollected fragments, low Payne effect and low hysteresis. As long as the structure of filler (the rubber inside the state) and the filler surface activity, high-carbon black filled rubber strain modulus will be promoted. The incorporation of carbon black for rubber, which led to the high strain modulus of the dramatic increase, it must be the rubber caused by the internal structure, which is a direct measure of absorption of rubber left. Rubber suction to stay because of blocked matrix deformation of rubber, it would make the effective volume of filler increased. With the higher amount of filler, filler, the stronger the network effect. Increased surface area (primary particle size decreases) can also be given a higher filler network. These two phenomena are available through the distance between aggregates increase surface area and fill with the increase in the amount of narrowing, so that the probability of the formation of the network to improve the interpretation of the facts. Filler network (represented by Payne effect) is caused by strain rate of 10% or less decisive factor under the lag. Therefore, the filler network in the dynamic performance of the compound that rolling resistance plays a major role. On the other hand, high surface activity can lead to reduction in the degree of filler network, as a polymer filler interaction stronger. To fully understand the filler in the polymer matrix in the reinforcing mechanism of the interaction between the filler of a filler and a polymer filler interaction, we need a better understanding of the two competing processes. . Translated RubberWorld, Vol239, No. 12,2008 (11.12 )),Smile 0. t0p,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],: �� ppppp �� �� pp �� ppp) (on the next page 21) LaRoche vitamin E antioxidant species Ronotec201 company listing, BASF and Ciba refined grade companies were introduced to Uvinul2003AO and IrganoxE201 products. Although vitamin E is usually the price is Irganox1010 and 1076 hindered phenol such as 3 to 4 times,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the actual costs are lower than with phenolic antioxidants 4o%,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with the replacement potential. HoffmannLaRoche will phosphite, polyols and vitamin E into a brand with a 120 for the CF VE antioxidant compound, marking the stabilization of polymer additives, \5.8-specific antioxidant masterbatch pellets replaced with a powder material is one of the development of plastic additives, and its advantage is to solve additive powder dust in the course of large, complex processes, mixed uneven and so on, and with alloy effect, so that the melting point decreases. Jilin Chemical Group Fine Chemical Technology Center, the ABS recently developed antioxidant compound particles is a specific product, and the antioxidant system than the traditional ABS can reduce the amount of 5%.

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