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Super B-thyroid, CT images compared a report of 14

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PostPosted: Sun 1:09, 06 Mar 2011    Post subject: Super B-thyroid, CT images compared a report of 14

Super B-thyroid, CT images compared: a report of 140 cases reported

- _J Department of this group of patients in our hospital from 1994 to 1997 hospitalized patients underwent B-, CT examination and confirmed by surgery and pathology, comparative review of their mass image, the final report is as follows. 1 Data in this group of 140 cases of thyroid patients, 42 men down, female 98 cases, aged 18 to 70 years, the average 412-year-old,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], B-by the United States produced a 128XP/10 Acusorn ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, variable forehead probe, add water bag cushion routine examination, the mass sonogram video on file with CT by the U.S. General Electric Max a 640, put too much of its mass scanning images, adjusting the window width and window level for photography on file, and copy a small piece Kuo patients. 2 results (see table) B-3 tumor, CT images show B-3.1 of thyroid tumors: in the thyroid parenchyma, clear boundary was fixed shape or elliptical shape, spot distribution,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], etc. echo echo or slightly adenoma, cystic tumor fluid were seen within the dark area, but no capsule. CT: adenoma, clear coated, complete,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], single more. Can have calcification, CT is lower than the normal thyroid, density and more uneven, cystic adenoma-like mass of water density within the lesions. No clear capsule. B-3.2 thyroid cyst: anechoic fluid within the gland dark area, wall integrity was strong echo, posterior echo enhancement. And a side wall effects, the probe pressure mass deformation. CT cysts encapsulated, and its sometimes separated in uniform density,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], CT value is more in the 5 ~ 8Hu so. Schedule: 140 inverted thyroid nodules, B-, CT diagnosis of contrast 3.3 B-nodular goiter: thyroid lobe on both sides of the asymmetry increases, the number of strong or see-shaped solid mass such as Echo Park, the light point of crude, some nodules can be located outside the thyroid capsule to go down outstanding. CT: two down the thyroid lobe asymmetry, the surface is not smooth, regular shape in the low-density see the number of nodules, partially fused, the greater may compress the surrounding tissues of thyroid cancer B-3.4: mass profile is unclear,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the surrounding migrating mostly hypoechoic, heterogeneous internal echo in real-based. Few can have {thin dark area. But did not see a reflection coated, short-term review of rapid growth, mass produced around the strong Doppler signal, power Doppler showed blood supply. Swelling can be seen too late transfer of ipsilateral cervical lymph nodes and blood vessels shift. CT: mass outline not only the whole, growth was invasive, no capsule, and its uneven in density. Enhanced scan with marked enhancement, advanced airway pressure shift can be seen to ask gap disappears and the surrounding tissue. 4 Discussion 4.1 The B-group of patients, CT images of mechanized units, I believe that the majority of benign and malignant tumors can both make a definite diagnosis, all with the same imaging performance, on this basis, the two can complementary. B-like dynamics can be observed, and the thyroid mass. Visual images necessary to enlarge the image. And according to mass and increase strength around the qualitative analysis of Doppler signals, cT scan can clearly show the signs around, and Crab-like growth and calcification of display clarity. 4.2 Analysis of misdiagnosis: The group of cases of misdiagnosis rate of 2.2% B-malignant than benign swelling dragonflies misdiagnosed, especially for <1cm were recessive early small cancer lesions, no significant changes around the Doppler signal often difficult to find. In this paper two cases misdiagnosed malignant, 1 down the neck lymph nodes as metastatic thyroid cancer, B-ultrasound was no primary lesion on both sides of the thyroid, thyroid surgery on the left saw a 0.5cm deep within the small nodules, thyroid pathology papillary adenocarcinoma, and 1 was misdiagnosed because of B-diagnosis of cystic adenocarcinomas, histologically proven follicular thyroid carcinoma. It can not be identified as a benign cystic conditions. CT misdiagnosis rate was 6.4%. Misdiagnosis of malignant lesions was 18%. Benign misdiagnosis rate was 4.2%. That were associated with misdiagnosis of the tumor volume is small, around the signs not clear about the same time, and slice thickness, layer away from the closely related, 2 of them down with repeated thick layer from the lcm scan no mass, are switching to 0.5cm scan mass shows a clear, in some cases, such as enhanced scan can improve the diagnosis rate. The patients were part of the calcification in benign and malignant tumors performance, so the performance can not be qualitatively calcified mass. 4.3B ultrasound high specificity. Simple, low cost, easy to accept the patient can be observed around the tumor and the blood flow signal, especially mass and the relationship between common carotid artery, surgery can help surgeons design the best program of its favorable side, can be used as first choice, CT examination time, harmony, high cost, but adjustable thickness, layer from or enhanced scan to determine extent of disease, to determine a per lymph node metastasis, may well be an ideal screening method.

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